Another kind of ache

Yikes! I seem to have developed another physical problem which means another visit to the doc tomorrow.  I have been more concerned about the condition of my heart -and I don’t mean physical.  Is it possible to wither and die from a broken heart?  I think so.  A little leaven (sin, emotional and physical pain, fatigue and hopelessness) can affect the entire loaf of bread.  My little corner of the world has been shaken vigorously this summer.  I hoped that with the advent of Fall, the “stuff” would settle down.  Not so.  If anything, that leaven which has been fermenting in my heart seems to be bubbling and often out of control.  I have been a Christ follower for a very long time.  I know exactly what to do when the world seems out of control and I have none of it.  But, like the Apostle Paul, I ask myself why I don’t do what I know I should.  This is the time to hold on tight!  But it’s hard to hold on when the heart is in the process of being broken.   I am reminded of an old charismatic chorus.  “A vessel of honor for God.  A vessel of honor for God.  Sanctified, holy that I might be a vessel of honor for God.  Tonight, before I close my eyes and say good night to Jesus, I will ask Him to take my brokeness.  May I become a vessel of honor for Him.  Oh yeah, lots of glue holding me together, chipped and a bit cracked, but still belonging to Him.


About linnysue

Just an ordinary girl living with chronic illness and surviving physically, emotionally and spiritually by the grace of God
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