Today started great! I started back to Bible Study and saw old friends and familiar faces.  Great teaching experience by Beth Moore.  Do I live in an alternate universe?  I think I might.  The pressures and problems of life, the thorns and weeds, sprouted and began to choke off all of the warm and fuzzy feelings I’d accumulated in the morning.   The cares very nicely proceeded to crush and weigh upon me so when I hit the first doctor appt of the day, I lost it.  And then, my nurse practitioner told me that I could not handle this life alone.  She noted my cross.  She told me that she knew I was not alone.  There is someone who can handle all of my burdens (duh! Shouldn’t I know this?)  She told me that He would bear my burdens and guide me. Then, she gave me a proviso.  I had to listen to what the Lord tells me to do and do it.  (another duh!  I do know this.  Do I do it?  No.)  She went to her closet and got out a small medallion with an angel on it.  She handed it to me and told me that she only gives these tokens to the people God tells her.  She’s handed out 6 or 7 over the years.  By this time, I was crying hard and knew I had to still check out at the front desk.  (Third duh.  Never cry in a doctor office.  You will scare the other patients).  Clutching my little angel, I went to the second doc appt where I was told that I’ve got degenerative disc disease (4th duh – knew that) but now in my neck.  Completely deflated again, I got in the car and realized I’d dropped my angel.  Thankfully, I dropped it in the doc office and I will get it tomorrow when I go back in for treatment.   I am exhausted from riding the Duh Coaster.  The Lord showed me His infinite mercy personally today and I literally dropped it.  Please help me Lord to hold onto Your blessings.  And to listen when You speak to me.  Quadruple Duh!


About linnysue

Just an ordinary girl living with chronic illness and surviving physically, emotionally and spiritually by the grace of God
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