Here it is

Wow! This is the third time I’ve lost everything I’ve written in a post.  Warning!  Don’t useWordPress!  It’s exhausting to write but I will try again.   This week, I saw a friend compliment another friend.  The complimenting friend has an enormous gifted in decorating.  And, she is one of those people who are really funny and don’t know it.  It occurred to me then that one of the gifts I value most is the sound of friends’ laughter.   The friend being complimented has a smile in her voice and her laughter.  I can pick out her laughter in any crowd.  Laughter often reveals the true character within. Friends belly laugh, snicker, giggle and chuckle.  One lady makes little sound but her smile lights up her eyes and her entire face.  And, therein her character is revealed.  Conviction.  Hope.  Joy.  Peace.  Compassion.   All contained in laughter.  This week, I saw the orthopedist.  I have bad discs in my neck.  He told me that my shoulders were scrunched up and contributing to the pain.  Stress. Pain.  Worry.   I need to laugh.  To be with people who laugh.  To laugh until I cry and cry until I laugh.  I have a sardonic sense of humor and I am a goof ball.   I’ve worked very hard over the years to eradicate the sarcastic side of me.  But in the process, I think I’ve done away with the goofball.   I need to laugh in the midst of the storm.  Do I really need to walk around with my shoulders half an inch higher than they should be?  I think not.   Funny thing.  Yesterday, I had the massage to my neck and shoulders that the doc ordered.  When she massaged around my clavicle, I kept thinking, “Please don’t turn off my pacemaker!”.  It’s okay to laugh!  After all, the joy of the Lord should be my strength.  These scrunched shoulders can’t bear this life’s burdens.   Laugh with me!


About linnysue

Just an ordinary girl living with chronic illness and surviving physically, emotionally and spiritually by the grace of God
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