I wonder if we think that clarity of self and life grows as we age but instead tolerance and blindness to ourselves is the true outcome with each passing year.  If only life did not possess so many curves and twists.  Life is a most odd commodity.  We strive to stay alive.  We scratch and push nature, technology, careers and health to survive.  Yes.  The cliche lives – or dies.  The old expression comes to mind, “life can change on a dime”.  If only I could live with that very sentiment in the front of my mind.  I wish I could get out of bed and each day and say – no – to remember to say, to myself that this could all change.  In the blink of an eye, to use another cliche, that somewhere in the world, someone’s mother has died, a baby is being born, an illness diagnosed, a marriage is made or dissolved.  Life is messy and there is no way to clean it up.  At least not on our own  And yet, we age and we think we see ourselves as we truly are.  How often do we see ourselves as we hope we could be?  Or worse, those around us, those who love us, those who come in contact with us see us as we truely are.  Perhaps, this is the way of all living things.


About linnysue

Just an ordinary girl living with chronic illness and surviving physically, emotionally and spiritually by the grace of God
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