I can’t get all spiritual today.  I am seeing my child hurting and I am grieved to the bone.  As an adult, I have difficulty adjusting to new situations.  Some say that a child is more flexible.  Some say that children can end when the storms of life blow. I know first hand as a child who lived in the storm throughout most of my childhood, we do bend and sometimes we break.    We remain crooked and we bear the scars of the rocks that pummeled us.  The balm of the Lord heals us.  Just as deep physical wounds heal and scars fade so can emotional wounds heal and fade.  The scars still remain – even if only the bearer can see or feel them.  We remain bent but we can grow upward.  This is more than middle school pre teen angst.  Deep wounds.  I am watching my child bend.   I am praying she doesn’t break.


About linnysue

Just an ordinary girl living with chronic illness and surviving physically, emotionally and spiritually by the grace of God
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